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Howard Rugg moved to Felton, California. Howard and his father were contracted to build a house in Felton. His father died while they were working on the house and Howard finished the project.


Howard Rugg started working as an antique restorer in Felton. He opened House of Howard, an antique store.


Howard Rugg saw the dulcimer for the first time when a couple of hippies pulled up in front of his shop. 
A few months later, Howard made his first dulcimer.


Howard and Michael Rugg started making dulcimers under the name CapriTaurus. 

Michael Rugg started selling CapriTaurus dulcimers at The Renaissance Faires in California. 

Michael and Howard Rugg designed the bigger body CapriTaurus dulcimer for more resonance and volume. 

Steve Jackel was hired to work for CapriTaurus.

Steve Jackel became a business partner.  Rugg, Rugg & Jackel introduced the Folk Roots dulcimer.


Rugg, Rugg & Jackel split into two companies. Howard Rugg and Steve Jackel became Rugg & Jackel Music.
Michael Rugg remained with CapriTaurus.
Howard Rugg and Steve Jackel retained the Folk Roots line of dulcimers. 

Howard Rugg designed the Folk Roots dulcimers line for more efficient production.
The CapriTaurus brand switched its focus to custom dulcimers.        

Early 1980
The peak of Folk Roots dulcimers production. Approaching the Christmas season, the shop produced ten dulcimers a day.

Howard Rugg and Steve Jackel sold the Folk Roots dulcimer brand to David Marks of Folkcraft in Connecticut. Today, Folkcraft is still making the Folk Roots dulcimer line. Folkcraft is now owned by Richard Ash in Indiana.
Howard Rugg went back to antique restoration, Michael Rugg quit playing and selling dulcimers and became a graphic artist.  Steve Jackel opened a lumber business.


Howard Rugg started to make ukuleles.

Howard Rugg started to make dulcimers again.

Hearts of the Dulcimer, a documentary film about the dulcimer revival in California features Howard and Michael Rugg is released.

Howard Rugg stopped making ukuleles and turned his focus to dulcimers.


Howard Rugg introduced a new short-scale dulcimer model.
Howard Rugg introduced his custom dulcimer pickup.

Howard Rugg launched the CapriTaurus dulcimer website.


Howard Rugg introduces the hummel model.