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Resources for Episode #002: Joni Mitchell's Dulcimers

Joni Mitchell, Joellen Lapidus, Rick Scott

Listen Now (Duration 29 min.)

In this episode we have two stories about Joni Mitchell's dulcimers. In the first story Joellen Lapidus recounts selling a dulcimer to Joni at the 1969 Big Sur Folk Festival. In the second story Rick Scott recalls being picked up by Joni while hitchhiking in Canada in 1971.

This episode has been featured and transcribed on Joni Mitchell's website!

Joellen Lapidus
Rick Scott

• The Fox (traditional) - Joellen Lapidus from Joellen Lapidus in Concert
• Improvisation - performed live by Joellen Lapidus and Kahlil Sabbagh
• February March - Rick Scott from Philharmonic Fool (1995)
• Road to Santa Cruz - performed live by Wayne and Patricia. Composed by Wayne (Intro/outro music)

Article Links

My Secret Placeby Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers
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Joni Mitchell on the Muse Behind ‘Carey’ by Marc Myers (Wall Street Journal)
When Joni Mitchell Met Cary Raditz, Her ‘Mean Old Daddy’ by Marc Myers (Wall Street Journal)
Meeting Joni Mitchell by Rick Scott by Joe Mock
Performance: Joni Mitchell by David Wild (You can see the dulcimer JR Stone made for Joni hanging behind her on the wall in this article.)
More about Joni Mitchell's Blue album


In this clip Joni is playing The Princess Dulcimer that Joellen Lapidus made.

Joni Mitchell - All I Want - BCC In Concert Oct 9, 1970

In this next clip, you’ll see Joni playing a different dulcimer.
We were contacted by a listener who told us that the dulcimer Joni played at the Wembly Arena in 1982 was built by Philip Kubicki. He built Joni an acoustic guitar and a dulcimer around the same time.

Joni Mitchell - Carey - at Wembley Arena, London, 1983



The Wild Columbine Dulcimer The Princess Dulcimer The Jester Dulcimer
Three dulcimers Joellen Lapidus built for Joni Mitchell.Left to right: The Wild Columbine Dulcimer, The Princess Dulcimer, The Jester Dulcimer.

The Pelican Dulcimer
The Pelican Dulcimer by Joellen Lapidus 2012.

Joni Mitchell's living room published in Architectural Digest 1976. The dulcimer by the fireplace was made by Rick Stone.


Rick (JR) Stone and Rick Scott in the 70s
Rick (JR) Stone and Rick Scott in the 1970s

Rick Scott 2012.
Rick Scott 2012

The Great Gazzoon.
The Great Gazzoon, A Tall Tale with Tunes and Turbulence, a musical audio novel by Rick Scott.
Best Children's Recording 2013 Western Canadian Music Awards
2013 Cdn Children's Book Centre Best Books For Kids & Teens
2012 Family Choice and Parents' Choice Awards