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Resources for Episode #016: Blues on Dulcimer

Bing Futch, Christine Shoemaker, John Keane

Listen Now (Duration 28 min.)

On the surface, it seems that the mountain dulcimer is not an instrument created for playing the Blues. The impression of the dulcimer’s sweet simple sound seems that it would be too gentle to express the raw feelings evoked with the Blues. Additionally, the dulcimer’s diatonic fret pattern often doesn’t have the notes that are in the pentatonic Blues scale. Needless to say, it takes creativity and persistence to play the Blues on the dulcimer.

John Keane
Christine Shoemaker
Bing Futch

• Lake Ozark Blues -- Steve Eulberg from Soaring (2001)
• Blues in F# -- Steven K. Smith from Dandelions and Tulips (1993)
• Just Ain't Right Blues -- John Keane
• Changing Directions -- Christine Shoemaker
Back Down Again -- Christine Shoemaker
• Drinkin’ and Drivin’ Blues -- Bing Futch from Unresolved Blues (2015)
• The Flip Side -- Bing Futch from Unresolved Blues (2015)  

John and Karen Keane’s CDs
John and Karen Keane’s YouTube Channel
Christine Shoemaker’s YouTube Channel
Bing Futch’s CDs
Bing Futch’s YouTube Channel
Blues Method for Mountain Dulcimer 101 (with CD) Bing Futch’s instructional book
Playing Blues on the Mountain Dulcimer (with CD) Steve Eulberg’s instructional book
Virtual classroom: Blues lessons for the mountain dulcimer Steven K. Smith

Videos & Photos

Back Down Again: Christine Shoemaker


Buffalo Bluff Blues: LIVE from Louisiana John Keane, Karen Keane, and Bing Futch


Bing Futch at the 32nd International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee